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NutriCellix Enhanced Direct-To-Consumer Model

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In Part II of our business model review, we discussed the general philosophy behind NutriCellix’s concept and pricing structure. In Part 3, we’ll talk more specifically about our direct-to-consumer model, and how it works.

After deciding how we were going to price the products, the other thing we looked at was how we were going to compensation our Ambassadors, the people who promote our products.

Oftentimes companies in the network marketing space offer multiple prices. (Examples: Customer retail, customer wholesale, customer preferred pricing, distributor one-time pricing, distributor auto-ship pricing, etc.)

Since NutriCellix has created a different system that’s an enhanced direct-to-consumer, not a network marketing model, we had to be conscious and aware of how we price and keeping it simple.

In short, NutriCellix has a Retail price and a SmartSave (wholesale) price.

What do Ambassadors pay? They pay a Retail or SmartSave price.

What do Customers pay? They also pay a Retail or SmartSave price.

The pricing structure is the same and the only difference is the money you save by going on a convenient monthly recurring order. Ambassadors also pay a $59 fee to be able to get a website, back office and tools to promote the products and earn commissions.

We’re Doing Things Differently

Take our product SURGE for example, which is our natural energy stick pack, great for pre or post-workout, or if you need an energy boost throughout the day. Normally, in the network marketing world, it would be priced at around $70 – $80.

For our business model, SURGE retails for $49.95 and it wholesales for $39.95. So, as an Ambassador, you don’t have to satisfy a minimum amount of monthly purchases to make money.

As an Ambassador, if you find a customer that wants to purchase SURGE, you will make $10, which is the difference between the SmartSave price and the retail price. There is also a company CV amount per product, which stands for “commissionable volume”. This CV goes into the NutriCellix compensation plan.

If someone says, “I see it’s $39.95 on SmartSave. How do I get that price?”. You would simply show them how to create a recurring monthly order by signing up for SmartSave.

What happens to your profit if they decide to go on SmartSave?
In network marketing companies, you usually just get the CV in your organization and don’t make a profit from the sale. With NutriCellix, we STILL give you the same $10 you would have made if you sold it at the retail price. The CV amount that goes into the compensation mechanism is a bit lower, but you will still get the difference in price as profit between the SmartSave price and retail price.

Let’s say you have someone that wants to purchase the entire weight-management system, with every product. This includes the custom AM & PM formulas, the FIT meal replacement shake, and the SURGE stick pack. You will make $40 on the sale, whether you sell it retail or on SmartSave.

If you have 100 customers that order each month, which I believe is very possible given the power of the products and the incredible pricing, that would be $4000/month in commissions. You can do the math and see how quickly your monthly income can increase the more customers you get.

That’s not even including the other 5 ways you can get compensation in the NutriCellix Rewards Plan. The example above is strictly giving an example of the potential profit you can make from the direct sale of the products either retail or on SmartSave.

We have an incredible system in place where I firmly believe you’ll see Ambassadors with hundreds of customers. That’s the power of the unique model that we’ve built for our promoters.

Looking To The Future

As mentioned in a previous blog post, what we loved about network marketing was the people. So we decided to keep our focus on helping the people, but simply removed some of the aspects of network marketing that were less desirable.

The challenge is that the industry hasn’t done a great job of creating a level playing field for people. I look at the regulatory agencies such as the FTC, and how they view the industry. They don’t always see what we see, but you have to understand that they are looking and we must be sensitive to create a business environment that they see as fair and equitable.

The question is: what do you really want to build? Do you want to build the largest network marketing organization or do you want to impact millions of people around the world? With NutriCellix, our goal is to build the largest custom weight-management company on the planet and you have the opportunity to join us.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: When you have a company that creates this level of value, and you include some of the best features of network marketing, not only is the opportunity great for the Ambassador, but because it also attracts customers, in turn, it will also attract more Ambassadors.

If you are like most people, you have goals, dreams, hopes and ambitions, and you want to accomplish them. You don’t want to spend your time spinning your wheels, constantly spending more money, and conducting meeting after meeting, only to say, “I met great people, and I’m a better person because of it.”

Chances are, you would rather your result be that you met great people, you became a better person because of it, AND you accomplished your goals.

With NutriCellix, we wanted to create a company that people could come into and where they could experience ALL 3 of those things.

That’s why we developed the enhanced direct-to-consumer model. We priced products properly for the marketplace, and we decided to reward people handsomely for selling those products.

Because NutriCellix has all these key pillars in place, we have created a platform that will allow people to create the largest business of its kind in the world, and create life-changing memories at the same time. It is because of you, that we built this the way we did, and we look forward to seeing your success if you choose to join us.

Bo Short
Founder & CEO

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