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NutriCellix Retail Customer Website Released

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We are excited to announce that the new retail websites for Ambassadors are now available to share with potential customers.

We wanted to briefly go through how the retail websites work so you can fully utilize this great online tool as you share NutriCellix with others.

The websites are fully functional right now and ready to use as you promote the products. We will also continue to add more content and functionality in the days ahead.

Where do you find and set up your unique URL?

• To access your retail site URL, log in to your back office.

• Then click on “Manage”

• There, you can create your website URL. (Note: You have a website which you share with potential Ambassadors and a website which you share with potential customers)
For example, if you enter “buy” as your URL username, your website URL would be

• Be sure to check your name and contact information in your profile because this will be displayed on your website and will be how your visitors contact you.

What happens when someone visits your retail site?

When a visitor clicks to your website, they will be able to learn about all of the product and the science of NutriCellix. They will be able to add individual products to their cart and be shown how to order the entire NutriCellix weight management system.

For their initial month, the full system includes ordering their DNA swab kit, CORE, FIT & SURGE. This is what we like to call “Phase 1”.

CORE is designed to start the fat-burning process, detoxify and prepare the body for “Phase 2” and the PRIME product. This is what will be shipped to them in during their 2nd month if they enroll in the SmartSave monthly order program.

Once your customer has reached their target weight, they can go into “Phase 3” which is the maintenance program with the PREVAIL product.

NutriCellix is customer-focused

Our entire business model has been created with an understanding of the value of customers. Each product has been priced to pass on as much value to the end consumer as possible, making our product line extremely competitive in the general global marketplace.

Ambassadors are also rewarded handsomely for acquiring new customers, which is why we wanted to provide a dedicated retail website for our Ambassadors.

When a customer orders the full product line each month (for example, CORE, FIT & SURGE in the first month), the referring Ambassador will earn $40. As long as that customer continues to stay on the program, the Ambassador will continue to earn $40/month. There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer to NutriCellix.

We firmly believe that if you create value for the customers, and you make it easier for Ambassadors to acquire customers, the more attractive it will become for those who wish to promote the products as Ambassadors.

That’s why you won’t find any information about the business or opportunity on the retail-focused website. It is designed exclusively for consumers who are interested in ordering the product(s).

This is just the beginning. We will continue to develop more tools, content and training to help you effectively share the NutriCellix products and build a lucrative customer base. Stay tuned!

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