NutriCellix Review

NutriCellix Review

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(This is PART 1 of an extensive review of the NutriCellix business model, taken from an off-the-cuff sit-down with CEO & Founder, Bo Short.)

I’ve been asked a lot of questions lately about NutriCellix, and I wanted to provide a candid review to help you make an educated decision in regards to the products, company and business opportunity.

If you already watched the videos on this website, you can easily see the science behind the products is fascinating, and the technology that will allow NutriCellix to scale this to a global market is remarkable.

About The Product Offering

NutriCellix Review
Roni & I are honored that we have the opportunity to bring a custom weight-management system, powered by your DNA, to the marketplace.

In any given survey at any given time, half the population in the United States alone are looking to lose weight, and they are looking for the best solution.

NutriCellix had a vision to create a solution that is so unique and has never been on the market before.

This isn’t something where you swab the inside of your mouth, and we recommend a vitamin pack to you. That’s not what we do.

This isn’t something where you swab, and we recommend you eat certain foods or you swab, and we recommend you perform certain exercises. That’s not what this is about.

NutriCellix is the first company that has set up to customize a supplement based on your circadian rhythms, within the confines of a weight-management system. We’re doing something that has never been done before, and we have the exclusive rights to the technology to scale it.

Think about 100,000 bottles going across a manufacturing line, and no two bottles are alike.

That leads me to address a question that came to us very early on as we thought about the implications of what we had in our hands:

How did we want to do this?

The main purpose of this NutriCellix review is to explain how we intend to bring this incredible product and technology to the marketplace, why we chose this particular distribution process, and how you can be part of it, if you choose to do so.

We are all very familiar with the many marketing methods business uses, whether they be infomercials, retail storefronts, online advertising, print advertising or network marketing.

We are advocates for network marketing, but the more we looked at some of the negative aspects of traditional network marketing, the more we wanted to pull away from it.

The result was that we took some of the best pieces from network marketing and created a different kind of concept, which we call the enhanced direct-to-consumer model.

What makes our distribution method different?

If those of us involved in the network marketing industry were having a very open discussion, most would agree that there are as many things we like about the model that we don’t like.

Often times, people start their own companies because there were things about the industry that they didn’t like and they thought they could improve upon them.

From my personal experience, those that have sought to create their own companies, thinking that they could do it better, end up going in the same exact direction as the companies that they swore they would not become like.

Most offer large start-up packages upwards of $1000 or more — trust me, I know, I’ve been part of such companies in the past. I understand the reasoning and get both sides of the argument as I have been involved in this profession at the highest level.

Another example: typically companies will say, “Well, in order to qualify for a bonus check, you’ll have to puchase ‘x’ amount of products yourself.”


“If you don’t purchase ‘x’ amount yourself, you have to sell ‘x’ amount more to qualify for a higher rank.”

There are many more such examples that are very common. It is why so many people are getting disgruntled and frustrated within their respective companies.

It’s all about the people.

When we looked at the existing companies within direct sales and network marketing, we asked ourselves, “Do we really want to take a product this dramatic and this potentially life-altering, and sell it through that channel?”

For us, the NutriCellix founders, we asked ourselves what we loved most about that channel. The answer was simple. People.

What I love about network marketing is that it attracts some of the best people. These are people who want to make their dreams come true, who want to accomplish and achieve, who want to do something significant, who want to create a legacy, who want to become better and work together with others to achieve their goals.

So we wanted to keep that positive component and provide a better compensation mechanism to reward those people to move products. If they chose to build a team of promoters, they would have that option, but if they didn’t want to build a team, they weren’t forced to.

How does NutriCellix compensate differently?

With NutriCellix, we are taking what we love about network marketing, and leaving out what we don’t love, creating a model that does a product like this justice and rewards people fairly for sharing it in the marketplace.

One great example of a company that has revolutionized this model is Keller Williams, the largest real estate company in the United States. What Keller Williams did, was take a feature of network marketing — the ability to create a network of realtors — and to get compensated from the volume that the sales team creates with a 7-level compensation plan structure.

NutriCellix had done the same thing, by creating a compensation plan that rewards Brand Ambassadors with an 8-level compensation mechanism. This pays on the total volume of all products sold to customers and promoters that use the products.

What we didn’t want to do was create large packages and force people to spend $1000 or more to get started as a Brand Ambassador. This tactic is known as “front-loading,” and it is one of the aspects of network marketing that we didn’t like and didn’t want to integrate within the NutriCellix business model.

Here’s the way I feel: If a company’s products are so good, you shouldn’t have to mandate that promoters purchase a certain amount of product to participate in the plan.

If you have a really good product, the marketplace will determine the value, and the demand will arise organically.

That is what we have with NutriCellix.

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