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NutriCellix FIT Meal Replacement Shake

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We recently interviewed, James Hughes, Compounding Pharmacist, and member of the NutriCellix Science Team, who explained what makes the FIT meal replacement shake so unique from a scientific standpoint.

James, a former Ironman Triathlete, was one of the head formulators who worked on the FIT product.

Nutricellix FIT is a proprietary meal-replacement formula that complements the custom weight-management system available through NutriCellix.

The great thing about FIT, is that it is not a low-calorie shake, nor is it a high-calorie shake. It’s what we like to call a “right-calorie” shake. It’s designed to work with and support the entire product line.

One of the main ingredients in FIT, that is the most exciting to talk about, is AC-11.

What is AC-11?

Because NutriCellix is a company that specializes in studying DNA and genes, AC-11 is a perfect addition to the FIT shake. In looking at AC-11, it is important to talk about the key component, which is telomeres. Telomeres are located at the very end of the chromosome and are what I like to call the “stop sign” of the chromosome.

NutriCellix FIT AC-11
When a cell in the body divides, it triggers a cascade of signal processes that are telling the cell to copy your DNA. The telomere is part of your chromosome where it tells this copying process to end. At that point, there is an exact copy of the DNA when the cell divides. The problem is when the cell divides, a little piece of that telomere gets copied over to the newly created cell. As this process continues, there isn’t enough of the telomere left over for the parent cell, and it becomes at risk of dying.

AC-11 stimulates the parent cell, to regrow that little piece of the telomere that was lost when it copied over during the cell division process.

What that means is that the NutriCellix FIT shake also becomes an anti-aging, longevity product. When you look at the implications of AC-11 and its positive effect on the cellular structure within the body, it makes FIT an even more unique and exciting product.

What else does AC-11 do?

One other very beneficial characteristic of AC-11, especially for those who are looking to lose or manage weight, is that it stimulates the body to produce its own collagen.

As we age, our ability to make our own collagen decreases, therefore we have to rely on getting collagen from food. Unfortunately, the typical diet today doesn’t include many of the foods that are rich in collagen.

As people age and especially as they seek to burn fat and lose weight, most people don’t like the fact that the skin begins to lose its elasticity and is prone to sagging. NutriCellix FIT and AC-11 work to help create collagen while you are losing weight, and support skin elasticity, reduce sagging skin and provide overall anti-aging benefits.

NutriCellix has also added a little bit of collagen to the FIT formula, further supporting the replenishing of collagen within the body.

What about the protein in FIT?

It is very important to consume complete proteins. There are many ways to create a complete protein formula by mixing various proteins together. However, it is important that the formula also tastes good.

NutriCellix has formulated a proprietary blend of complete proteins, from whey isolate to almond isolate, to create a very well-balanced, full-spectrum protein shake that complements the body’s nutritional needs and fitness needs simultaneously. Plus, for those who are lactose-intolerant, the lactose amount in FIT is almost 100% non-existent.

FIT is just the right blend.

NutriCellix FIT provides just the right amount of calories, just the right amount of protein, and other key ingredients like AC-11, to create a well-balanced meal replacement shake that gives your body just want it need. It is a key part of the entire NutriCellix program and one that complements all the other products.

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