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NutriCellix Science: The Concept and Technology

nutricellix science

In very recent years a number of significant breakthroughs and historic discoveries have turned the page on our understanding of the human genome.

We know more now than we ever did before about how the DNA in our genes, deep inside every cell of our body, shapes us in different ways.

These new discoveries, cutting-edge science, and technologies have made the NutriCellix weight-management system possible.

Introducing an exciting and revolutionary approach to weight management and nutrition, based on your own DNA.

Welcome to the future

The NutriCellix custom weight-management system offers a custom-made, personalized formula designed for you, by you.

The supplements are as unique and distinct as the person they were designed for. The days of the “one-size-fits-all nutritional supplement” are quickly becoming antiquated, and being replaced by curated and individualized products.

How does it work?

With our easy DNA kit, you take a swab and send it back to our certified-lab, where your privacy is 100% protected. Our science team then pulls detailed information from your sample and looks closely at a number of specific genes that encode and regulate processes that have everything to do with controlling your weight.

Here are just two examples:

We will look at the MC4R gene on the long arm of your 18th Chromosome which helps to regulate your metabolism and your brain’s ability to detect satiation or feel full after eating.

We’ll also look at position 12 on the long arm of your 16th chromosome where we’ll find the all-important FTO gene, which encodes for a specific protein which has been linked to obesity, diabetes, appetite regulation, body mass, fat levels, and food cravings.

It’s on these genes and others where our team will scan for slight variations unique to your own genome; variations that we refer to as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs for short.

While it’s our genes that make us human, it’s our SNP’s that make us different.

The results of your SNPs panel will be mailed to you, along with a detailed report showing the unique variations in your genes. We’ll show you what it means and how your personal supplements have been formulated to help you manage your weight.

This coordinated metabolic nutrition program combines your own genetic weight-management challenges with a comprehensive nutritional strategy, providing a precise formula intended just for you. You will get just what you need at each given time of the day as your body seeks key nutrients, morning, day and night.

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