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In Part 1, we covered the science behind the concept and technology provided by NutriCellix. In this segment, we’ll look at the science of the weight-management system, what it includes, and how it works.

What does the program include?

The NutriCellix program provides:

• Plant-based protein, fiber, botanicals and phytonutrients
• Natural probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes
• Vitamins, minerals and coenzymes in easy to absorb forms
• All ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free

You’ll receive your own AM & PM formulas specifically designed to be taken in the morning and evening.

Different formulas for morning and night

It’s one of the most exciting aspects of this revolutionary weight-management system. Every ingredient in the AM & PM formulas is engineered to work with your own body’s circadian rhythms.

The proprietary NutriCellix formulas are based on clinically-backed science that determines what nutrients are best absorbed at a specific time of the day when your body needs them most.

Our bodies are doing very different things in the morning, then they are doing at night. During the day, you’re firing on all cylinders. You’re focused and full of energy. Your sympathetic nervous system is working hard to keep you in fight or flight mode, alert, and ready for anything life throws at you.

At night, our bodies do something else entirely. Your parasympathetic nervous system takes precedence, focusing on rest, sleep, digestion, rebuilding and repairing your cells. Your liver and brain are both working simultaneously to detoxify your body.

The NutriCellix AM & PM supplements are uniquely designed to help your body to what it needs to do when it needs to do it, both during the day and in the evening.

In addition, our proprietary FIT meal replacement shake will also work to help you manage your weight, and most importantly, help you keep it off.

The perfect plan

Your custom AM & PM supplements, formulated by your body’s own DNA, and the FIT meal replacement shake, are designed to be consumed in your own eating window. This is one of the most fundamental components of the NutriCellix weight management system.

Your eating window opens whenever you have your first meal of the day, and it closes 12 hours later. All supplements, including the FIT shake, are to be taken during that 12-hour open window. After the window closes, simply don’t consume anything until the next morning. That way, your body can do what it needs to do at night — rest, repair and detoxify.

Other key components of the NutriCellix system include SURGE, a proprietary stick-pack formula, perfect for pre and post workouts, anytime you are on the go or need an afternoon pickup.

There is nothing like SURGE on the market today. It includes ATP for energy, strength and fat-burning. It also includes an incredibly beneficial ingredient called AC-11, which helps your body repair its own DNA and cells. It also helps reduce inflammation, improve collagen production, and boost the immune system.

When you’ve reached your target weight, NutriCellix PREVAIL is our precision-designed maintenance supplement, formulated based on your DNA, that helps you to keep the weight off.

The NutriCellix weight management system is the most effective when coupled with sensible eating and exercise.

We live in an exciting time of innovation and technological progress in the wellness industry. Research has unveiled many fascinating discoveries in nutritional science. The NutriCellix products wouldn’t have even been possible a few short years ago.

Our new understanding of the human genome and DNA has lit a powerful that has illuminated our path like never before. NutriCellix is thrilled to be carrying this torch and pioneering progress for the benefit of all, and we look forward to hearing your personal product success story.

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